SUPER QUIZ: It is a online Quiz contest for examiners those who are prepare for govt exams. Which is Powered by | Sponsored by | Presented by SKR Creations
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Welcome to SUPER QUIZ !
A Online Daily Quiz Contest


SUPER QUIZ Time: Mon- Sat Daily 10:00PM

Result Announce: 10:10PM 
Prize Received: within 4-6 hours
The prize will be received in your Paytm Number, given in the registration form.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Time Limit: 120 Second
  2. Total Questions: 10 (10 marks per question)
  3. All questions are mandatory
  4. Only registered users can participate in SUPER QUIZ !
  5. User can not register without token number
  6. If you fail in SUPER QUIZ ! your current token number will expire
  7. Minimum passing score 40% per day
  8. When the user receives 41% to 100%, then he will qualify for SUPER QUIZ ! next day
  9. When users get 80% to 100% they are the winners then they are the winners.
  10. Prizes will be distributed every day after the end of the SUPER QUIZ !
  11. The prize money will be sent to your paytm number within 4-6 hours
  12. If you are a registered user After confirmation the prize money will be sent to your Paytm Number 
  13. Prizes will be distributed only to registered users
How to Apply 
  1. If you want to take part in the SUPER QUIZ ! you will need a token number. 
  2. Token is available on our official website
  3. After that you will have to apply for registration
  4. When you complete your registration process, your registration will be subject to review. Now we will confirm your details and token number
  5. Please wait for our feedback, we will inform you as soon as possible.
  6. When your account will verified then paste your token number in your profile section
  7. Please note that if you failed in SUPER QUIZ ! then your token number will expire At that time you need to get a new token number, it will need to buy a token again on our official website and then paste it into your profile section. So you're ready to SUPER QUIZ ! again
How to Play
  1. SUPER QUIZ ! timing is very low so you have to focus on its SUPER QUIZ !
  2. All questions are mandatory so you will not leave any questions
  3.  If you leave any question, then this question will be counted as a wrong answer.
  4. Passing marks of the SUPER QUIZ ! is 40% . if you get less 40% .
  5. You will be failed and not selected for next day
  6. If you are between 41% to 100%.
  7. Then you are participate for next day with same token number.
  8. You will participate in 6 quizzes with same token number.
Score System
0%- 40%: Disqualify (But play again with a new token)
41%- 79%: Playable with the current token number for the next day
80%- 100%: Winners
If any user is above 80% then they are the winners.
80% - 89% :Rs100/-
90% - 99% : Rs210/-
100% : Rs350/-

Prizes will be changed every weeks

Interested Candidates Can Read Full Notification Before Apply.
WhatsApp: 09412252226 (For Help & Support)

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